Coomoora 360: 2013-14 Round 3 report with Scott May and Simon Corrigan

Coggs: Well Scotland, round 3 has come and gone with a mixed bag of results.

Smay: Yes, congratulations to the seconds and fourths on their wins.

Coggs: Interestingly, both of the winning teams had a familiar face returning.

Smay: Great to have Shayne ‘Piggy’ Larner back for his first game this year in the two’s, and my man Dave ‘Chesty’ Barrera playing his second game back at the club in the fourths.

Coggs: And what a start it has been for the new and improved Barrera.

Smay: What’s “new and improved” supposed to mean?

Coggs: Barrera’s career average sits around 6 with the bat, but this year Dave has started the year with innings of 10 and 25 at the top of the order. Word around the traps is that he has solidly set the platform for the team to build their innings from.

Smay: I don’t believe it. He’s rubbish. But, a few more innings like that will see the average continue to climb and he’ll be chasing a spot in the thirds.

Coggs: You might want to start making some runs then!

Smay: Settle down Praying Mantis, you’ve have made one score in ten years!

Coggs: Moving on, not only has he impressed with the bat, but he has also provided Franga and the forfs with another bowling option, picking up a wicket in both games he has played in.

Smay: He has doubled his total number of wickets, fantastic stuff.

Coggs: Let’s hope he can keep this run of form going and continue to prove his doubters (you) wrong.

Smay: In all seriousness though, it’s great to have him back.

Coggs: As our readers will be aware there is a new Duguid in town.

Smay: Congratulations to Greg and Zoe on the arrival of the little big fella Harrison.

Coggs: Future B Unit premiership captain on the way!

Smay: As long as he gets his dad’s bowling ability and not his uncle’s miniscule array of shots with the bat he should be fine.

Coggs: We can only hope! On another note, we do have another generation of Coomoora players bursting through the ranks at present.

Smay: Really? Who?

Coggs: Buster’s kids.

Smay: Can you consider Buster a Coomoora player though? He’s had more clubs than Tiger Woods!

Coggs: Regardless of their father’s questionable character, the two young fellas have had a great start to the year.

Smay: Agreed, Joel looks to have cemented himself a spot in the twos line up, picking up a wicket in all three games at an outstanding economy rate of 1.69 this season. Not bad for a 14 year old!

Coggs: Very true, but his pint size 12 year old brother is no slouch with the ball either. Last week he ran through the Berwick Springs line-up, collecting five wickets! Just like his brother he knows how to keep it tight with an economy rate of 1.83.

Smay: Outstanding effort by the boys! It looks like they got their bowling ability from their mother.

Coggs: Why is that?

Smay: Buster has managed only three overs this year without taking a wicket! To make matters worse he bats at the same number as his economy rate (11).

Coggs: To be fair he has 26 and 51 with the bat this year.

Smay: A fair effort from number 11, maybe it’s time he climbs up the order and replaces someone else, hey Franga…

Coggs: Haha, until next time.

Smay: Barrera can get stuffed.

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