Teams – Round Six

Turf Two vs Narre South @ Strathaird Reserve (be there by 11:45)

R Pankhania (c)

L Baptist 

J Robertson

C Sylvester 

S Zach 

M Temby 

D Pereira 

D Gemmell-Smith 

C Perera 

J Daymond 

S Jayasinghe 


Turf Four vs Narre South @ Coomoora Reserve (be there by 12)

D Caughey (c)

D Vandendriesen 

A Hamilton 

D De Silva 

A Van Der West

M Quinless 

S Francis 

M Thompson

J Robertson

L Ross



B Grade vs HSD @ Coomoora Reserve (be there by 12:15)

D Crouch (c)

S Quinless 

D Lusby 

G Fist 

W Fist

J Temby

S Morros

D Nigli

M Aquino

D Liyanapathra




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